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It’s corduroy season around here at Elizabeth Made This.  This skirt is now my third project of late from corduroy along with the Corduroy Vest with Detachable Hood and the 21 Wale Corduroy Tunic for my niece.  I don’t think I’ve ever sewn as much corduroy as I have in the past month, but it’s been the perfect weight and warmth this time of year when Spring brings the occasional chillier day or even snow.

The pattern is Burda World of Fashion (before it became Burdastyle, back in the glorious days of more pattern sheets and easier tracing!) 1-2008-109.

corduroy pencil skirt

I had planned to make this Corduroy Pencil Skirt in December when I bought an old Russian edition of the magazine on Ebay, but the post office was slow, and I actually waited until February before I gave up and decided that the issue was lost.  Paypal refunded me and a couple of days later, the issue arrived at my doorstep.  The seller had already been reimbursed, so she said I was free to keep the copy.  Nice!

corduroy pencil skirt

Anyhow, this was the skirt that made me seek out the issue in the first place.  I love the shaping of the seamed lines and how they integrate into the pockets.  And of course, there’s topstitching, which I’m a fool for.  Skirts are basic garments, so any kind of extra line, detail, or doodad really makes them special for me.

corduroy pencil skirt

corduroy pencil skirt
What’s a pocket without contrast?


The skirt came together without a hitch.  I did have to do a bit of fitting, taking in the side and back seams and the waistband to match, but that was a function of me being in between sizes.

I used my Janome for the whole affair, topstitching with a triple stitch.  This allowed me to use a color that I wanted instead of being limited by my color choices available in topstitching threads and I could use my regular foot for topstitching.  Corduroy has a tendency to get pressed down into oblivion when you try and topstitch on it.  My normal topstitching feet and my vintage Singer really smash it down, but my standard foot and a steady eye made for nice evenly topstitched seams with no fabric burn.

corduroy pencil skirt

I also did have an issue trying to line the vent.  I think I bagged my lining out of order so that I didn’t have a big enough hole to work inside of, but I don’t really know not having lined a vent before.  When she posted her gorgeous trench coat, Trena shared a link to one of Fashion Sewing TV‘s videos on lining a vent, and I will certainly be watching it until I can see it in my mind the next time I need to line a skirt vent.

corduroy pencil skirt

In the end, I lined the vent by hand which allowed me to be super accurate and not have to wrestle and then unpick the unpick-unfriendly mess that is poly satin.

corduroy pencil skirt

As awful as poly satin is to sew, it makes a warm lining that glides over my tights and leggings, two wardrobe staples I am rarely without when there’s a chill in the air.

corduroy pencil skirt

Overall, I love how versatile this skirt has been in the past week.  It’ll be a great transition piece into the summer and come back around in the fall.

My review of the skirt is here.

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  1. Nice job! I haven’t worn corduroy in years. Its back on the radar now. Now I also n
    know what to do with that triple stitch on my Janome.

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Ha! Someday I figure out how to use all of my stitches I suppose too!

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Thanks Friederike! Corduroy is that indeed!

    • elizabethmadethis Reply

      Thanks Bryanna! I’m loving how warm it is!

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