corduroy jeans

Corduroy Jeans

Silhouette Patterns Lana’s Jean

Yay for corduroy.  When it was brought to my attention earlier this week that corduroy appreciation day was today, I knew I wanted to jump on making up the jeans pattern I had finished altering a couple of weeks ago.  So what if I was just finishing my winter coat (pictures forthcoming when there’s a proper cold snowy day) or that my hubby was coming home from a business trip after a week of being alone with the kids?  I had a deadline people, so phooey on sewing-induced braindeadness!

Have you ever tried to sew decently while suffering from sewing-induced braindeadness?  It would not be the brightest thing you ever did.  What do you run the risk of?  Well?:

  • Serging off pockets at 5/8″ when there’s 3/8″ allowed.
  • Doing a less than lovely job on topstitching because you were too lazy to wind a bobbin so you could use a double needle
  • Taking no less than 1 hour on the fly when there are very clear instructions and no weirdly shaped pieces involved.
  • Having to resew on the waistband because I wasn’t taut sewing and it ended up an inch too short the first time.

In short it’s not too pretty.  But because corduroy is so beautiful, the mistakes are not terribly obvious.
That wonky topstitching?–it’s hidden in the wales.  The hole in the pocket?–easily fixed by stitching the pocket down a little.  That I have some warm pants to wear and that have built in textural therapy was worth suffering through sewing-induced braindeadness.

The pattern is Silhouette Patterns 3300–Lana’s jean.  I’m really really happy with the fit.

corduroy jeans

I shortened the back crotch and cut the inseam 2 sizes smaller for my flat bum, scooped out the front crotch slightly (thank you Linda!–actually I traced the scoopage directly from my Sandra Betzina jeans) to add some length and balance out what I took out in the back, and I shortened the legs in 3 places because I’m 5’2.5″ and this pattern is drafted for the 5’8″ lady that Peggy Sagers is.  I think I could still use maybe a tiny bit more length in the front crotch.  There is still a tiny bit of bagginess in the back, but without a princess seam in the back, I think it’s about as good as I can do.

My review is here.  Go wear some corduroy!

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  1. “Built in textural therapy” is right! Corduroy definitely makes me happy. The pants look great. When all is said and done, you can’t tell there was any braindeadness involved. Hopefully next pair goes more smoothly!

  2. Linda (mock ups) Reply

    Elizabeth, I think you’ve got the fit thing down! These look really nice. Good joy!

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