A good time was had by all.  This year, I focused my list on a lot of assemblage of cookies (sandwiches, cutout decorating, chocolate dipping and so forth) so that our guests always had something to do.  This turned out to be a rather good plan as it allowed me to move in and out of our small kitchen baking the few cookies that needed to be baked without accident or incident.

Of course we didn’t get pictures of the party in progress (someday we’ll learn the art of photography in the moment), but Nathan did snap me reading up on tempering chocolate in my new Emmeline apron that I made a couple of weeks ago (love love love the pattern–go make one–it’s awesome).  I personally dig that he photographed the apron in its native environment.


And here are bags of royal icing ready to go.


And my slightly cheeky cookie list.



  1. Love the cookie list!!!! Very cool!! Reminds me of Betty’s ‘post-it craze’ days where you put stickies on ‘everything’ 🙂

    I may venture to say it was the ‘cookie gun’ that brought you two together, perhaps, instead of the cookie itself;-) 😉

    The apron is ‘right’ at home:-)

    Sidenote: I like where you two put the Christmas tree this year:-)

    Love and Hugs,

  2. Oh, nice apron. I think I’ve only worn the one I made once so far, but that says more about my avoidance of the kitchen than it does about how much I like the apron…

    PS. the secret to knitting uniformly even rows is to knit so painfully slowly that mistakes are next to impossible to make without noticing…

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