braided trim tee
Oops! My pockets are a bit askew here…they really don’t gape like this.

I pinned this Boden top ages ago but set aside any plans for a copy because at the time I didn’t have any solid color knits on hand.  I often overlook scraps as a source of fabric for future garments, relegating them typically for muslining a sleeve here, practicing a pocket there.

braided trim tee

slouchy cardigan

When I went nuts and bought Jalie’s new raglan sleeve tee, I threw in Jalie 3248 (drop pocket cardigan) as well into my cart.  I had 2 yards of a brown sweater knit that I had intended for another cardigan which didn’t work out because I forgot I needed more fabric than that for the other cardigan.

Basically you cut 4 fronts (or 2 contrast, two main) and the pockets fold over on themselves into the side seam to create the pocket.  Per Jalie’s usual style, the construction is clever and leads to a great end result.  The instructions even have you trim in such a way that there is zero bulk in the bottom of the pocket which is amazing given the extra layers of fabric involved.  My knit is two-faced, and the pockets allow you to showcase that.

I think I have one more me-garment in me before the baby.  After that, I don’t think it’ll be terribly time-effective to keep making things that I’ll wear for just a couple of days really.  So between planning for after-baby clothes, there will probably be more baby-themed posts for the next while here.


Like this.  I made up a few items for a friend at church who is due with a little boy in February.  A couple of blankets that are oversized like the hospital ones, so they’re entirely practical.


One of the ladies at my school made us some flannel bibs like these (I traced hers for these ones) when I was pregnant with Noah, and wow, if there was something we’ve gotten more use out of than anything it would be them.  

I’m all finished up with Christmas sewing (Yay, back to working on a new pair of jeans for me!).  Nothing too exciting but some much needed warm pjs for both boys.

robot and snowman pajamas

First up is a top to some robot pajama bottoms I made a while ago.  I had mistakenly not bought enough to make a top and a bottom, so I braved the crowds and showed up to JoAnn on Black Friday to get my extra yard that I needed plus this Butterick pattern for my robot-loving Noah.  I dodged people going in the door and the herding route that JoAnn employees had set up and instead took my own way to get to the flannel (how could I ignore $1.49/yd?).  I literally just picked up the bolt of robots when some lady said, “I wanted that robot fabric that she just got.”  Sorry lady.  Normally I’m not crazy and competitive like that, but Noah really really loves robots and I had been planning that strategy all week.  I only took a yard too, so she could have gotten it later.  I was so efficient in my strategy that I didn’t have to wait in line at the cut table (I did get more flannel too).  2 minutes later and I would have been waiting for an hour.  The nutty things we do for our kids.

flower embellished top

Flower embellished top from Jalie 2921

As I said in my last post, I’m starting to understand how you can take certain elements that worked from other patterns and apply them to new ones.

When I realized that I was in great need of some basic tops, the first thing I pulled out was my Jalie scarf collar top.  I love how it fits.  It has a nice slim fit in the arms, and the rest is body conscious without being tight or tacky.  But how many scarf-collared tops can you really have?  For me–2–one non-pregnant, and one maternity version.  But don’t toss out this pattern because the scarf is limited in use.  The scarf is just a glorified binding–change it a little and you have a v-neck.

I end up sewing for myself mostly because we’ve been given most of the boys’ clothes and because my husband is so not a clothes horse.  But once in a while I come across a special piece of fabric that I set aside for somebody.

The last time we were in North Carolina visiting Nathan’s grandparents, Nathan’s grandma graciously allowed me to sift through her stash.  I found some lovely treasures including a dress that only lacked finishing, some fun canvas, and some scraps from this really pretty shirting that perhaps had been used to make up a shirt for Nathan’s grandpa.  Nathan’s grandpa passed on just a few days after Sam was born, so i thought it’d be a fitting tribute to make up a shirt for Noah.