sweater dress

I’ve been wanting to make a sweater dress since forever.  I bought a black RTW one when I was still teaching for my choir concerts, and as comfortable and delightfully warm as it is, black makes me look like I’m dead…not in the affectionately zombie sort of way either.

When I saw Kyle’s version of Burda 7287 I knew it would be perfect as a sweater dress, though I originally bought the pattern for the fingerless gloves.  I like the shaping they have, and I knew it’d be easy to tack the glove onto the bottom of any sleeve for added warmth this season.

sweater dress

But when I found this orchid sweater knit in Chicago, I knew the whole dress, not just the gloves was in order.  The dress is just a simple sleeveless side dart + back darts + a-line hem.  The pattern does not call for a lining, but this fabric needed the added stability and opacity of a lining.

sweater dress

I seamed the lining at the neck, flipped, and topstitched, but I bound the binding in the armscyes.  I actually like how this looks much better than the neckline from the inside of the dress.

I LOVE the collar.  It adds a great deal of extra warmth, and with a vintage brooch it adds a lot of style.

At first I was opposed to the idea of separates, but now I see the genius of it.  Scarves can be somewhat fussy to tie/retie/drape, but the collar over a plain tee gives you the warmth without the constant restyling.

Also the gloves have been invaluable in my violin playing.  When I first start playing, it has always taken a good long while to get blood moving into my fingers.  There are these exercises developed by the Baroque composer, Francesco Geminiani that I learned about in college that help considerably, but when it’s too cold outside, I need a little extra help.  The gloves warm up my hands but still allow me to play.  Win!

sweater dress

And big collars can often affect the comfort of my shoulder rest and limit my shoulder movements (recipe for tension in me), so being able to take off the collar and just play is wonderful.  I can’t say I’ve ever had that in a winter ensemble.

I thought I’d like to have a less A-line skirt, but since I will most likely always wear this with leggings and boots, and I live in the static capital of the known world, there will be less cling.

So 3 easy pieces to mix and match.  I can’t think of a better basic.  My full review is here.
sweater dress

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  1. It’s funny how playing an instrument can affect your fashion choices, isn’t it? I’ve found that I have to be careful about scarves or long necklaces, because my flute tends to get tangled in it when I pick it up off my lap (especially when I’m teaching and trying to demonstrate something for a student). And fingerless gloves are great! I tend to wear them for rehearsals a lot this time of year. I love the built-in versatility of this sweater dress, and I bet you’ll get a ton of use out of it!

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