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Sometime over the summer I bought a couple of lengths of cotton shirtings thinking that I’d just whip out some shirts for the boys so that they’d be cool.  Well, it’s December, and that’s unfortunately the speed at which I tend to get around to it with clothes for them.  Gingham shirts are so classic, and look so adorable on kids.

Gingham Shirts

I had in mind to use a yellow plaid for this project (Ottobre 6-2009-13), but Noah was not interested in it, and chose the gingham.  That’s fine, but his shirt even with long sleeves hardly took up any yardage, so I decided to make a matching shirt for Sam.

Except, I thought about it, and I realized that Noah would quickly outgrow this shirt (especially since I should have traced a 98 and instead traced a 92) and it would be passed on to Sam.  Sam with 2 long sleeved blue gingham shirts seemed like a waste of time.  So short sleeved for Sam, long sleeved for Noah.

I chose the short sleeved button-down shirt from New York Kids’ Style vol 1, that I used to make Noah’s Jack and the Beanstalk shirt (no more tracing!).  I love this pattern–sewing with Ottobre and Burda, I’m used to good drafting, but the drafting in this book is next level beautiful and even clever.  The bands are cut-on which makes for such a nice finish, and the collar stand is so tiny, but functional and makes for a great fit.  It’s subtle, but I think it sits better than Ottobre’s simpler to sew all-in-one collar.

gingham shirts

I wish I had better pictures of them in the shirts, but I took them after we all took a Christmas card picture, and lunch was looming; so getting better pictures would involve antsy, hungry children (or more accurately hungry Mommy), or a wrestling match to put them back into the shirts…things all to be avoided at 38 weeks.  But matching shirts are cute no matter what I this age methinks.

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  1. Adorable shirts! I love how you cut the pockets on the diagonal, it makes for a nice contrast pattern. 🙂

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