baby booties

This is a bit of a bits and bobs sort of post.  Since the Fabric Mart contest, I’ve been sewing some random things.  All of these have been UFOs, badly needed items, or just projects I’ve meant to do but haven’t gotten around to yet.  Fall seems to tarry still here (it’s been in the 70s for weeks!  Spring in fall.), so moving on to cold weather sewing is just not happening.  Now is apparently a great time for sewing completely arbitrary things.  Top of the list are these baby booties for my baby girl and others.

Maggie’s Stay on Baby Booties

baby booties

My daughter is a master ninja when it comes to escaping from socks.  No foot covering of any kind is safe.  This child will rip them off in 3.5 seconds every time.  And she loves chewing on her toes as much as she loves ripping off socks.  With the colder weather coming (maybe?), I had to find a solution for keeping her feet warm.

The lovely Deborah of GBSB fame posted her makes of Maggie’s Stay-on Baby Booties from Beautiful Pie Shop on Instagram some time ago, and I took note.  The name of the pattern alone seemed a personal challenge for my toe-eater.

baby booties

People.  I love this pattern.  Baby R does gnaw on these, but she doesn’t fight against them.  Whether it’s the security of the KAM snaps or the feel of the soft fleece against her toes, she really likes these and she lets them be.  The inside snugs against baby feet with 1/8″ elastic that goes through a casing.  It allows for a custom fit which might be why they stay on.  Baby booties are generally one size and of materials that have no elastic-like recovery.

KAM snaps are the best!

This is my first time using KAM snaps, and I was pleasantly surprised.  First, it’s hard to not love the cute shapes like butterflies and stars and hearts.  The pliers are really easy to use too.  They’re SO much easier to use than the Snap Source setters that I’ve used for years.  The Snap Source setters require some brute force with a hammer, and there’s a good chance the snap won’t be aligned properly, leaving you to rip it out, damage your fabric, and repeat the Anvil Chorus.

baby booties

So I made a lot.  The 3-6 month size really only requires scraps.  My second son has a friend with a baby sister who is just a couple weeks younger than my daughter.  I made her a pair from this lilac floral print that I blockprinted with stripey hearts.

Beautiful Pie Shop has an adult size version of this pattern, and I’m totally nabbing it up for myself.  The boot style just looks so cozy and warm!

Random projects!

Sewing room upholstery

sewing room upholstery

Other than that, my husband and I did some quick upholstering of the sewing room chairs.  After spray paint and more of the fabric from the couch (plus contrast canvas backs), things are looking good in the sewing room.  The new foam that I added to the chairs also makes them way more comfortable and supportive too!

Car blankets

car blankets

These quick blankets have been sitting on my sewing room cart for a year and a half.  I originally meant them to be a Mom and son project when I was writing for UpCraftClub.  My oldest did sew 95% of his (the blue and green), but then we sewed down the corner of the pocket to the rest of the blanket and never got around to ripping out the mistake.  We made them from napkins.  There’s just one layer all sewn together with an added pocket with a velcro tab to hold a book or a stuffed animal.  car blankets

The one in browns has some blockprinting on it that I did with pink school erasers like I did with these leggings.

The seams don’t line up because the napkins were of various sizes.  I could have re-cut them to be the same size, but I didn’t bother.  Since I intended these as projects for the boys to sew themselves, I wanted it to be super easy.  Instead, the finished edges of the napkins are sewn together, pressed open and topstitched flat on the right side.

car blankets

They’re lightweight enough for summer blankets on car trips in the summer, but still hefty enough to be cozy.  The boys are also using them for fort building.

Opera nerd embroidery

I finished and framed this embroidery that I had mentioned ages ago, but I never got around to posting the results.  If you remember, I changed the color scheme of the original kit to match my own color palette and that of my sewing room better.  I’m not 100% sold on my color choices, but it’s WAY better than the 70s version.

sewing room embroidery


original kit colors

If you understand the opera reference that I added, you get major nerd points.  And if you get the opera reference without the aid of Google, well, we clearly have lots in common!

There’s Cora Leggings and a Watson bra in the works too, but those will get their own posts I reckon.

What are your favorite random projects?

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