I’ve been wanting to make this hat for a while.  It’s super sunny all the time in Colorado, and given that I burn easily, a nice hat is a lovely thing.  I had a bit of trouble where the brim meets the crown.  I sewed all the way around, and realized that I had 6 inches extra of crown than I did brim.  6!  I measured the whole thing perfectly.  Did I miss something in the directions?  Perhaps I have a faulty version of the pattern.

So after ripping out that seam, I added a 6″ chunk of brim from the pattern piece.  It worked out perfectly, but it made obviously a much floppier hat.  Did anyone else run into this problem?  I’ll set Nathan on trying to help solve my problem, but for now, I will enjoy the retro coolness of my extra floppy sun hat.




  1. Very fun! I have tried sewing hats twice, and run into the same problem each time – good for you for persevering, mine just ended up in the wastebasket.

  2. I just finished my blue sky hat and i actually had a different problem – my crown was too small. i had to rip out the stitches and resew with a smaller seam allowance. i like how you topstitched around the brim in several locations to give it rings. 🙂

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