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What do you need to know about Elizabeth? I’m Elizabeth, a sinner saved by grace through faith in the work of Christ alone.  I live in Colorado, and I’m completely dotty for sewing.  I started out draping  dolls as a child in my own hand-sewn creations that were made from scraps in my Mom’s fabric bag.  I continued sewing by hand growing up, making accessories for my violin, several twin-sized yoyo quilts, and a rather funky vest made from yoyos in 7th grade.  When I got married and hand-sewed 5 yards of stamped fabric into curtains for our apartment, I figured a sewing machine would be a great deal more efficient.

I bought my beloved Janome and have since sewn mountains of fabric into garments and items for my home.  I love the challenge of taking a flat piece of fabric and transforming it into a beautiful, three-dimensional garment alive with color and texture.

sea glass denim jacket

As a mom of 4 and a wife of a husband known for accidentally felting all of my wool garments. I’m always looking for ways to inject my creativity into my garments.  You’ll see this in the form of embroidery, pattern-hacking, DIY elements, and novel fabric and pattern combinations.  Fabric is always my inspiration, and here you’ll find it sewn up in ways you may not have envisioned.

I catalog my own garments here, but more than that, I want this space to be a place for you.  My life as a former elementary music teacher and my life-long passion for writing compel me to write about sewing in a way that will help you grow more confident in your sewing.  I’ve learned to sew from the ground up, and I want to teach you to do the same.

Elizabeth Made This is a place I want you to leave with:

  • Practical sewing tips and tricks to supercharge your sewing skills
  • Tutorials for adapting a pattern to fit a different style
  • Ideas for transforming your home with fabric
  • Inspiration on how to add details to make a basic pattern really stand out. Why make things that look store-bought, when you can make them completely unique?

Let me know what you’d like to see here.  I’m always looking for places I can contribute my writing about sewing projects.  Is there something that would be helpful to you?

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.  Let’s sew together!
Elizabeth Made This

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