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My oldest son’s best good favorite buddy is having a knight-themed birthday party next week.  After looking over our options concerning knight costumes, and coming up with creative differences

dragon costume pattern
not a knight, definitely a spaceman
dragon costume pattern
sorry son, I’m only pulling out a viking pattern if you’re producing a kiddie version of the Ring cycle

Noah concluded that he did not, in fact want to be a knight at all.  A dragon was a great deal more appealing to him.  Even after explaining the general fate of dragons in such tales, it was firm in his mind.  Dragon it must be.  McCalls 2335 dragon costume pattern fit the bill, though I will be adding wings.

dragon costume pattern

I shortened the legs and arms to fit him a little better, as well as shortening the tail by two spine pieces.  Construction was simple, but time-consuming.  I probably put about 10 hours in this from start to finish.  I kept the tail stuffing until the entire jumpsuit was made because wrangling it under the machine stuffed per the instructions was obviously nonsensical.  I also made my life easier by using easy-to-sew flannel vs. some hideous synthetic.  I figured, if I’m taking 10 hours of my precious sewing time to make a costume for my child, I’m going to make it easy on myself.  Plus, the flannel will be nice and warm come H-ween time (hey, I already have a costume for him!).

dragon costume pattern

It’s been a popular item for #2 as well.  Maybe he can be a knight until he’s big enough to really fit into this costume.

dragon costume patternMy full review of the pattern is here.


  1. Too cute! It reminds me of the dinosaur costume that my brother used to wear all the time as a kid.

    (And if they were girls, I’d tell you that you should look up the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede–they’re a great twist to the typical princess/dragon tales, and the dragons fare much better!)

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