striped skirt

A while ago Lynne of Wonderfully Made made this amazing green and blue striped skirt inspired by Michael Kors’ Spring 2013 collection.  I loved how she changed the direction of the stripe in the godets and how she made a knit fabric look so dressy.  I filed away the memory of this skirt resolving to knock off hers if I ever came across the right knit.

As it happened, when I visited Needle Nook Fabrics in Wichita in August, I walked away with 2.5 yards of this lovely white and peachish cotton knit (I believe there’s a little poly in this if I remember correctly, but I could be wrong).

Lynne modified a Simplicity pattern for her skirt, but per my now usual process, I won’t buy another pattern until I’ve first gone through all my Burda magazines to see if there’s something there first.  Burda came through for me in Burdastyle 1-2012-104.  I added the black so the style lines show up better:

striped skirt

The pattern is just a simple underlined pencil skirt.  The seams were where I wanted them to be, and the simple addition of godets would get what I was looking for.  Thankfully I muslined this because I missed the fact that this is a below the knee AND high waisted skirt.  I shortened it by 3″ in the body and then because I was making an elastic waist, I used the excess length in the high waist to simply fold over the top of my elastic.  No more high waist!  I also added a little extra width in the side seams so that I would have enough play to gather into the elastic.

My godets are 6″ wide and 10″ tall.  Lynne’s extended all the way to the top of her skirt.  I missed that bit of genius, so my skirt required a lot of stripe matching.  Thankfully, this particular knit had no vertical stretch, so stripe matching was actually quite easy.

striped skirt

At first, I made a full lining out of a stretch mesh, but it puckered under the serger, and the puckers could be seen under the skirt, and the mesh was a nude beige color which dulled the appearance of the white of the stripe considerably.

I had a thin white knit that I could have used for a second lining but 1)I didn’t want to go through the business of making a second lining and 2)I thought that another knit would result in a too-heavy skirt.  It occurred to me that I had an old slip that I could try.  This worked out so well it will be my go to solution for simple skirt linings from now on.

The slip is not only extremely light weight, it’s also completely opaque, allowing the brightness of this knit to shine through without interference.  To boot, the slip is finished at the hem with some cute edging lace.  To sew it into the waistband, I cut off the slip’s elastic, matched the CF and CB to the skirt’s and gathered the slip between those points.  I hand-basted the slip and the skirt together and then proceeded with applying my elastic.  Simple and unfussy.

striped skirt

This time of year, it’s good to have leggings around.  I had this ivory knit in my stash and decided to have a go at Burdastyle 1-2011-130.  There’s not much to say about these leggings except I can see myself making about a million of them.  There’s 3 seams here.  And an elastic waist, and a hem and you’re done.  Ready to go under anything to make it more season-appropriate or to add an extra layer of warmth.

I will review the leggings after I’ve photographed the leggings/skirt combo also in the same issue that I’m wearing as I type, but for now, my full review of the skirt is here.

striped skirt


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  1. I love the skirt! I was given a piece of knit material, but have never tried to sew with it before. Maybe I will try to make a skirt with it..

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