sweater scarfI’ve had this pattern hanging around in my stash for 2.5 years.  Just sitting out on a shelf, reminding me that a big fat cozy scarf would be nice in my chilly basement.  But it was one of those situations where the perfect fabric never came.  When I actually looked at the suggested fabrics (wool felt or fleece), I despaired because the wool felt suggested was going to be pricey ($5/fat eighth and requiring 9 fat eighths total).  A jacket I will invest in, but $45 +shipping for a scarf?

sweater scarf

 Then it occurred to me that I could repurpose a sweater.

Sweater Scarf

I found a perfect ivory candidate at the thrift store.  It actually was a really nice Coldwater Creek sweater, but the embroidery was not my style or color palette, and it was 5 sizes too big.

sweater scarf

I carefully cut circles out and around the embroidery using my trusty Olfa circle rotary cutter.  It works like a compass, except that there is a rotary blade where the pen would be on a regular compass.  It’s an invaluable tool for cutting circles.

sweater scarf

So the whole project cost $7.  I can do $7 for a scarf.  9 fat eighths my eye! A whole lot of seaming later, and I end up with a very warm bit of poofery.  It reminds me a little bit of a homecoming mum. And though an ivory scarf is a whole lot tamer than a mum and does not give me a back ache unlike a proper mum, I keep thinking about the sound of innumerable tiny bells clanking all over the halls of my high school. It seems silly to do a pattern review, but I think it’s a scarf that deserves to have one, so here’s my full review.

Elizabeth Made This

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  1. Moving from California to Texas in high school, the mum thing was quite a culture shock. Thank you for reminding me about them!

    Love the scarf–it does look very cozy for basement sewing and Fall weather.

  2. It’s lovely, and it looks like it will go with a lot of different outfits! Isn’t refashioning great?

    • I really do love refashioning, but finding good fabric/garments to refashion is not an easy task for me.  For now, it’s about a once a year happy accident that I come upon something really great at the thrift store that’ll work.  

  3. Wow, this looks awesom, much better than the pattern pictures. Win Win for sure !!

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