Hi all! I’m Linda from the blog, Ellegeemakes, and I’m so excited to participate in Elizabeth’s Day and Night Dress Challenge again this year. I love the twist to the premise this year, a challenge that was timely for me as I’ve been curating my wardrobe of late, inspired by Marie Kondo’s show, ‘Tidying up’. As part of that effort, I’ve been analyzing my me-made dresses to decide what brings me joy and donating those that don’t. I was definitely on the fence about the dress I chose for this challenge. 


Even though I used a lovely rayon knit to make this dress last year, I never wore it. I guess it’s because it was just too plain for me, and the color made it feel a bit like I belonged on the flight crew of a local airline, LOL! Yet, the rayon jersey is as comfortable to wear as silk, so I just couldn’t toss it!!  My first order of business for this challenge was to modify my original dress slightly, to give it more style by adding a ruffle to the sleeve, a design element I noticed in the Max Mara Spring line – – there are cool ruffles everywhere! 

The basic pattern for this dress (McCalls 6886) is simple, so embellishing it is always fun. To add the ruffle to the sleeve, I sewed a long, double faced ruffle 1 and 1/2 times the length of the sleeve and three inches wide. I gathered it, then, to insert it on the sleeve, I first unpicked the sleeve from the bodice. Then, I unpicked the sleeve seam itself so that I could lay the sleeve flat. From there, it was easy to sew on the ruffle, aligning it with the center of the shoulder,  extending the ruffle to the wrist. Then, I resewed the sleeve seam, and inserted it into the bodice of the dress. The process was time consuming, but the sewing was easy.

Once modified, the dress had more appeal to me, but it still didn’t feel that versatile. For my lifestyle, a dress has to go from the grocery store, to a business meeting, then to dinner with friends. So, to make this dress more versatile, I added my favorite go-to accessory, a ‘topper’. 

DAY LOOK: Adding some edge

For my day look, I used a Lisette pattern, Butterick 6169, a basic moto jacket pattern I know I’ll use again. My fabric is a casual, lightweight wool blend and I love the cozy feeling I get just looking at its fleece-like pile. 

For added coziness, I lined it with a remnant of silk. I’m pleased that this cropped jacket is so versatile. Not only will I wear it with this dress, but I’ll wear it with ginger jeans and skirts…with everything I own!  I love how its funky animal print vibe gives a bit of an edge to my fussy looking dress. 


To create my night look, I added another topper, a jacket with some sparkle (hard to see in the photos, but it’s there!)PHOTO 5I used a long-favorite pattern of mine, Butterick 5569, a coat with a vintage vibe and a big wide collar. The fabric is a Chanel-style Boucle with sequins sprinkled throughout. 

I fell in love with this glitzy fabric without thinking much about how it would be to work with. Wow – – It was a challenge and a half. This fabric unravels if you just look at it wrong and it doesn’t move easily under the presser foot. So, I had to layer tissue paper over each seam before sewing to keep the fabric from bunching. It was a time consuming effort, but I love the result. Not only that, but I learned how to sew with a special fabric, something that normally intimidates me. I’m so glad I decided to line this coat with silk. It will always feel special to wear it. I know this jacket is going to be in heavy rotation…It will work with dresses, skirts, even with my Ginger jeans!  

Don’t fear the glitz and toppers for the win

I loved this challenge, and I learned a lot from taking it on. From a wardrobe perspective,  I’m definitely a girl who loves to wear a good ‘topper’! For me, a jacket/sweater/wrap can take a basic dress from Ho-hum to a keeper. I also learned how to sew with a challenging fabric (sequins!). I know I’ll never be intimidated by glitzy fabric again:).

Thank-you Elizabeth, for the invitation to join and for hosting the challenge. It’s an honor to be featured here with these talented sewing friends.


  1. Find your lonely dress in your closet! Sew up 2 extra pieces to coordinate with your dress for a day look and a night look.
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Elizabeth is a self-taught sewist with a love for all things DIY and creative. Her friend calls her "The Fabric Manipulator" and she's always looking for ways to squeeze the most out of her sewing time in between caring for her 4 kids and husband.

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  1. It’s difficult to see on my iPad but I love the detailing on the dress sleeves! Both outfits are nicely put together, Linda

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