I’ve been ironing all of my dear little projects on a college sized ironing board on the floor.  Through 9 months of pregnancy and years before that, I’ve trucked around my little blue ironing board from college that I only ever used if I absolutely had to.  Given that sewing forces you to make nice with your iron and my projects are not getting smaller and the thought of being a little old lady wracked with creaks and humps from leaning over something on the floor for long periods of time every day seemed rather terrifying, I decided it was time for an upgrade.

The Delorean brought me this back from 1985 via the thrift store?


Lovely, isn’t it?  Starched to a glistening crispness, this floral beauty has been loved through many a tailored shirt.  What–this funky fabric is not for you?  Don’t fear, my friend!  Alexander Henry knew that this day would come.


Much better.  I used the super easy tutorial at U-Handbag to change out the old fabric.  Just some pinning and some serging and it’s all done.


  1. chimpsgomoo Reply

    Hah! That is so cute. True, I didn’t realize I’d have to iron so much! I’ve ironed more in the last week than my entire life 🙁 And I have a college sized ironing board too!

  2. I cannot imagine ironing for long on the floor. I’m not that old, not that young, but I’d probably burn my leg. Hey, now that I think about it I actually did that in college. I sat the iron on the floor (I think I was using the bed as the board.) and stepped back right into it.

    I love your improvement. 🙂

  3. LOVE it!!! I have an Over-the-door ironing board…I think I “stole” it from my sister many years ago!! 😀

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