6 ways to style summer clothes for fall


I had hoped to have made up a Victory Patterns’ Lola dress for this week’s Sew Long Summer theme of Fabulous Fall, but the continuation of summer temperatures has made me less enthusiastic about french terry and has reminded me that Fall where I live goes something like this:

-Fall- temperatures

In all of this, I’m left hoping to wear scarves and sew up lofty sweater knits into billowy cowls, but the continuing heat just kills all my sewjo.  I know there’s a ton of brave sewing bloggers that grit their teeth and take pictures of their sweater dresses in extreme temps, but I admit that I’m not that tough.  I’d have been one pitiful pioneer.

Instead, I offer some ideas for styling your summer makes while the weather goes back and forth between hot and cold.  Here are 5 ways to style summer clothes for fall.  As my base, I’m starting with my Southport Dress and my Retro Print Linen Sundress

6 ways to style summer clothes for fall

  1. Don some leggings: This has to be the easiest way to extend the life of your summer clothes into fall.  Pop a pair on under a sundress in the cool morning and if it ends up being a hot day, slip off to the ladies’ room and stash the leggings in your bag.                                        style summer clothes for fallstyle summer clothes for fall
  2. Add a scarf: There’s a scarf for every occasion and season.  Now is not the time for chunky hand knitted scarves, but it’s likely the time to dig around for a vintage silk scarf or a giant linen scarf that can double as a shawl.style summer clothes for fallstyle summer clothes for fall
  3. Toss on a cardigan: Cardigans are great for keeping shoulders warm when temperatures start to drop.  Belt them if you wish or leave them open.style summer clothes for fallstyle summer clothes for fall
  4. Throw on a jacket: in the same vein as #3, a jacket can add a much needed dose of polish to more casual summer wear.style summer clothes for fallstyle summer clothes for fall
  5. Slip on some boots:  Is there any dress that can’t be made better by the addition of boots?  I doubt it.style summer clothes for fallstyle summer clothes for fall
  6. Wear an Undershirt: Layering a shirt under a dress can keep you a little warmer while getting an extra look out of a summer frock.  Be it button-down or turtleneck, there’s something that will doubtlessly give you some additional options for styling.                                                                                                                              style summer clothes for fallsouthportlilac2

What do you do to style summer clothes for fall?

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4 thoughts on “6 ways to style summer clothes for fall”

  1. in the past my solution was just to through on a zippy hoodie and some jeans instead of shorts. Now that I’ve been working on my Core Wardrobe I have more cohesive pieces to work with. Thanks for the 6 tips.

    1. I totally agree that working on a cohesive wardrobe helps…it kind of naturally gives you a lot of options. Periodically, I think it’s a good challenge to look at what you have and see just how far you can make it go too! 🙂

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