The 2019 Day and Night Dress Challenge: 1 Dress 2 Looks

The theme for The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019 is 1 dress 2 looks.

The challenge was to find a dress you weren’t wearing and make 2 items to go with it. Wardrobe orphans take up a lot of mental space, so the goal of this challenge was to give those lone dresses some buddies in hopes that they’d get worn more than…well never!

Here’s how the bloggers interpreted this challenge.

My own Day and Night Dress Challenge is at Wearing a Sleeveless Dress Year Round.

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Named Inari meets casual elegance: Gray All Day for The Day and Night Dress Challenge

Named Inari dress plus white moto vest and animal print bomber jacket

Hi, I’m Helena from and I co-host a monthly garment sewing podcast called Clothes Making Mavens. I was so thrilled to join this tour again, especially when I heard about the fun twist!

Working through wardrobe puzzles

This challenge really blended well with lots of thoughts I’ve been having about wearing the pieces that I’ve made. I have traveled a few times recently and realized while I packed that while I wear the stuff I make, it is rarely a full outfit of handmade and I am often stuck thinking what do I wear with this? A big part of that is sometimes I sew for the life I long for, and not so much the one I actually live. Does anyone else have that problem?

Pairing this linen Named Inari dress

I made this beautiful metallic linen Named Inari dress back in 2016 and I still love it. But this was my first version and I didn’t make a muslin, so I feel it is a little short on me. I don’t think it actually appears too short, but because of the side slits, the skirt can float away from my legs and I feel exposed. When I tried wearing it during the day I was always a tad uncomfortable.

Named Inari dress with white moto vest

Day look: White denim moto vest

So for my day look I created a white denim Moto vest to anchor the dress and bring down the sparkle a little bit. It does exactly what I expected, and even walking over to the park for this photo shoot I felt confident. And it really changed the whole look of the dress! I paired it with my taupe booties and a necklace and I wished I had somewhere fun to go. I know that in a few short months, when it is finally warm again, I will rock this look hard.

With my thoughts still on the purpose for this challenge, I noticed that I could pair this vest with any number of my handmade dresses and their vibe will also be completely transformed. A vest is such a perfect “completer” piece to add style to an outfit without too much warmth.

closeup of white denim motorcycle vest and Named Inari dress

Even better is the fact that this was made from my now perfected Wear Lemonade Mona jacket pattern that I made 3 times in December. Off went the sleeves. Bright yellow topstitching makes it more “denim casual” instead of “lab coat” and added shiny gold snaps. I originally made it much longer, but when I really tried it on with things I wanted to wear it with, I cut about 6 inches off and I think this length is cool but versatile. I was sad about that wasted denim, though.

Night look: Animal print + McCalls 7100 bomber jacket

Named Inari dress paired with animal print bomber jacket

Now this night look I had been stewing over for a while. I had just enough scrap animal print linen to eke out only the front and back of the bomber jacket McCall’s 7100. In raglan bomber jackets, the sleeves are the real fabric hogs, so my little scraps were just enough. The neutral knit I paired it with is so soft, and I ended up underlining the linen with it because metallic anything can be scratchy. Consequently, this jacket is super cozy inside.

closeup of Named Inari dress paired with animal print bomber jacket

This look is especially great when you go somewhere fancier, but it is cold and you don’t really want to take your jacket off, but the jacket is a distraction from your outfit. This entire ensemble works together, and if I get warm I can take it off. I’m planning to wear it to dinner tomorrow night, and I know I’ll be comfortable and stylish.

Handmade wardrobe takeaways

side view of Named Inari dress paired with animal print bomber jacket

Some may say that a bomber jacket is not very dressy, and I do agree, but I still think this outfit is elevated by the matched set aspect and the unique fabric. But again, I think I’ll be wearing this jacket with a lot of other items of my clothing, especially my old standby; jeans. The taupe and dusty purpley colors in the print certainly don’t go with everything like a white vest does, but it will look great with blue jeans. So, not only have I created more wearability for one of my favorite dresses, but I will be able to mix and match the new garments in the rest of my wardrobe as well!

This challenge was brilliant in getting me to think about my one forlorn dress and my entire wardrobe. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Sewing with a plan: Anita by Design for The Day and Night Dress Challenge

I joined the DAY & NIGHT DRESS CHALLENGE! I don’t typically participate in sewing challenges, probably because I was always so busy sewing for events. Nonetheless, when I was contacted by Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This, inviting me to join the line-up of Bloggers and Vloggers for the challenge this year, I accepted. However, it wasn’t a “yes” because I haven’t participated in the past. Nor was it a “yes” because I would feel bad saying no. I said “YES” because of the TWIST she put on it this year.


If you’ve never followed the DAY & NIGHT DRESS CHALLENGE in past years, here’s how it worked. Sew two dresses–a daytime look and a nighttime look. This year, Elizabeth threw a curve ball, put a different spin on it and I LOVE it because it’s totally relevant to my new sewing focus, which is to sew garments that I will actually wear, garments that fit my style.

I would describe my style as Classy & Ladylike. Whether I’m wearing a pair of jeans, or full length ball gown, I aim to present myself as a woman of class, grace and dignity–Ladylike.

Here’s the Challenge! Choose a dress from your closet that you never wear. Create two accompanying pieces, accessories, etc. to give the dress both a day and night look (Insert angelic music).


As I contemplated this, I quickly realized that I was challenged before even starting the CHALLENGE. Hahaha! I couldn’t decide which dress to work with, but finally decided on this gorgeous Sweater Knit Bodycon Dress that I made in 2017. The pattern is from the McCall’s “Learn to Sew” Collection, McCall’s 7531, and I used a ribbed sweater knit that I purchased from the Michael Levine Loft in Downtown Los Angeles.


I wanted the day look piece to be something I could wear with many other garments, so I chose to sew a cardigan/duster. This is another McCall’s “Learn to Sew” pattern, McCall’s 7476, with a lightweight sweater knit from my fabric collection that I purchased from The Loft at Michael Levine’s in Downtown, Los Angeles (Hmmm… I’m seeing a pattern here).

The duster will be worn with other dresses, jeans, pencil skirts, etc. The possibilities really are endless. I plan to wear it to lunch dates with my girlfriends, the movies, church, shopping, casual events and parties. Heck, I can wear this cardigan almost anywhere. Yes, exactly what I need in my wardrobe–versatile pieces.


I went back and forth a lot on the night look, finally settling on a vest . Faux fur and beyond simple was what I wanted. I have a vest pattern in my collection but I needed something with zero design features. Therefore, I went to JoAnn’s and purchased Butterick 5359 (when patterns were not on sale)—-Breathe in—Breathe out!!! You KNOW we don’t do that! It was EXACTLY what I was looking for though, so I didn’t feel too bad. I sewed View E with only 2 pattern pieces. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Can’t get any easier than that.

I purchased the faux fur from Joann’s about a year ago, and lined the vest with a jet set knit from my collection.

After completing the vest and trying it on with the dress, it wasn’t enough. I needed something to give it that “PUNCH” and the first thing that came to mind was a clutch bag.

What a GREAT idea, right? Yes, BUT, what I didn’t tell you is that this was my first time sewing with faux fur. I learned what NOT to do. DO NOT CUT THROUGH THE FUR!!! Cut the backing only. What do I do? It was taking too long cutting that backing with scissors, so I decided it wouldn’t be that bad cutting the fur since the pile is low. BIG MISTAKE!!! Honey, I had fur all over my face, in my hair, up my nose, on my lips—just EVERYWHERE!

Therefore, I knew that if I was going to make another faux fur anything, I needed to do it properly. I pulled out my box cutter and OMGosh, quick, easy and NO FUR EVERYWHERE!

I didn’t have a pattern for the bag, so I just drafted one of my own, making it up along the way. Hahaha!

I styled the look with my black high-heel boots, a belt that I received in a Swag Bag from the Fierce 50 Weekend in 2017. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the sponsor who provided it. I didn’t like the belt and never had any intentions of wearing it. It’s gold and just not my style–I thought. In fact, it’s been sitting in my giveaway pile that I haven’t removed from the house yet. The vest needed something extra to elevate the look. I don’t wear belts, so I didn’t have ANYTHING to wrap around my waist. Then I remembered this gift and decided to give it a try. Honey CHILE!!! I LOVE it! OMGosh!

The vest is another versatile piece that I look forward to mixing into my wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear it with a turtleneck t-shirt, skinny jeans and a pair of boots or a short-sleeve maxi dress. While I don’t wear mini skirts, someone can totally rock that look with a long-sleeve crew neck t-shirt and a pair of booties or sneakers. Yes, yes, yes, honey!

Double duty shirtdress: Robertswife for The Day and Night Dress Challenge

Today I’m welcoming JeT’ua of Life of Robertswife. I’m so glad she’s a part of this challenge for the third year now. I particularly love her contribution to last year’s challenge as well as some of her lovely dresses like this fabulous tie-dye day dress. I’m passing the mic to Je’Tua!

My dress of choice

Hey Yall! I’m elated to participate in the Day and Night Dress Challenge again! This year’s challenge was to take a dress that has been just hanging around in our closet, desperate for attention.

 The dress that I chose has been in my closet for about 2 years. It is Butterick 5030. This dress was created specifically for the Easter Spring Dress Challenge in 2017. I have worn the dress maybe 2 times since it was created. I hadnt worn it as much because I know I wanted to change the closures….which i still have to do.

Describing my style

If I could describe my style in 4 words, they would be: Modest, Elegant, Feminine, and Classic.  When I choose a new garment to create, I look for the statement that it will make once worn. I want it to be simple, and effortless. My closet is full of beautiful dresses and skirts that emphasizes these 4 words.

As I chose the dress for this challenge, I wanted to be consistent in portraying: modesty, elegance, femininity and class. I even sought the help of my husband. I had my choices down to 2 dresses, but I think I did well with Butterick 5030.

Day Look: Homeschool Chic

My everyday look has to be an effortless, yet feminine look. I paired Butterick 5030 with a pink tank, a pair of skinny Jean’s, and pink pumps. As a homeschool mom, I want to get cute as quick as possible. It’s easy to pull on a pair of jogging pants and a tee, but an effort needs to be made so that we dont forget who we are. 

I used the dress as a Kimono/Cardigan. It’s perfect for spring with the 3/4 length sleeves.The pink pumps paired with the silver clutch gave just the feminine touch to finish the look.

Night Look: date night!

In creating my Night Look, I merely envisioned a Date Night with the Most Handsome Man I know, my husband. I wanted a look that wouldnt take too long to get together. I’m always told I take a rather long time in getting dressed.

I can even admit to changing outfits after getting dressed. To accessorize the look, I added a Paparazzi jewelry set and my Anniversary gift, a Brahmin purse. I also have on heeled sandals with provide a comfortable, cute look. They are just the right height, where my feet wont hurt if we decide to take a stroll afterwards.

Takeaways from this year’s challenge

I loves this year’s challenge. It brought out creativity that I didn’t know I had. I see many women in fashion and often admire their styles, when I could have just done the same with what I had. I usually give away or throw away clothing, but now I will definitely take on a new approach.

Sew Twists and Ties meets Lou Box top: Cookin’ and Craftin’ for The Day and Night Dress Challenge

Hello! This is Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’ and I am so delighted to be participating in Elizabeth’s Day and Night Dress Challenge for the third year in a row (check out my past Day and Night Dress Challenge projects here and here)!

This challenge is always so inspiring, and I’m honored to be part of such a talented group of bloggers and vloggers! I’m also incredibly pumped about the twist that Elizabeth has thrown into this year’s challenge: 1 Dress, 2 Looks

I’m very practical by nature; you don’t see a lot of frosting in my sewing, typically, and I try not to sew things that won’t work with my daily life. As a result, this challenge to rejuvenate an underwhelming or unworn dress by styling it with other handmade pieces and accessories really appealed to me!

For my dress, I chose this black tencel Sew DIY Lou Box Dress 2 that I made last year. There is nothing wrong with this dress, per se, and yet I never find myself reaching for it. I think I have worn it once since making it. It’s perfect for this challenge! If I had to guess as to why I’m not wearing it, I’d say it’s some combination of the lightweight fabric, the color, and the sleeve length.

I decided I wanted to alter my Lou Box Dress ever so slightly before jumping into the day and night looks: I cut about 4.5” off of each sleeve and rehemmed them to be more of a ¾ length sleeve. Somehow that little bit of wrist makes it feel slightly less funereal. Then I set about figuring out some patterns and fabric to use to jazz it up a bit for day and night!

I set some additional challenges for myself, too: I wanted to use fabrics from my stash and I wanted the day and night pieces to work with other items in my wardrobe, not just the Lou Box Dress. To top it all off, I also wanted the pieces I sewed to count for the Sew Twists and Ties challenge that I am currently running on my blog! Lots of boxes to check here, folks!

Day Look

For my day look, I wanted a sweater of some sort to make my Lou Box Dress a bit warmer/more appropriate for winter weather. I needed the sweater to hit at the high waist, where the dress is cinched in by the elastic.

I decided on the the Seamwork Elmira cardigan, a cropped, ballet-style wrap cardigan with a big, exaggerated waist tie (making it perfect for Sew Twists and Ties). I’ll be honest and say I hadn’t paid much attention to this pattern until I saw this red version by Sewrendipity, at which point I neeeeeeeded to make one!

The stash fabric I chose is some lovely dove grey superwash wool jersey that I bought from Fabric Mart last year, which was easy to work with, a pretty color, and met my objective of being warmer than the tencel my dress is made from!

Night Look

For the “night” look, I wanted something a bit loud, but also something I wouldn’t wear exclusively at night. Vermont is not a place where a lot of dressing up happens!

I chose a beautiful, bright floral from my stash, which I think is like a rayon lycra woven of some sort. I got it in Vietnam on one of my trips before I moved back to the U.S. Drapey, slightly textured, a bit of stretch, and some gorgeous colors: royal blue, magenta, hot pink, tobacco brown, and a hint of black to tie it into my dress.

The pattern I chose is Simplicity 8655, a Mimi G pattern. I bought this pattern because I liked the wide-sleeved tie front top, but also those awesome high waisted pants! I figured the simple but elegant lines of the top paired with a saturated colors of the floral I chose would look great on the blank canvas of my Lou Box Dress. Plus, another tie, so my Sew Twists and Ties box was checked! Now I just wish I had some fun, boldly colored shoes to go with it… my boots look a little bit sad in comparison!

Thank you again to Elizabeth for hosting this fabulous challenge! I really had a lot of fun this year figuring out how to reinvigorate my Lou Box Dress and make it wearable for multiple occasions!

Style recipe for fun: Velosews for The Day and Night Dress Challenge

Or ‘the challenge that keeps you learning’.

That’s how I see Elizabeth Farr’s yearly Day and Night Dress Challenge. This year’s theme was not to make a dress. Nope. Here is this year’s recipe:

Step 1: Take a dress you’ve made but neglected.

shoe print dress

This was a totally fun dress to make using my block pattern and this shoe print from Spotlight. This dress has piping and is fully lined. What’s not to love about it?

This dress has been in my closet for at least 4 years. I’ve not worn it any where as yet. Possibly because this print is so loud for me but I love it.

It’s tailored; classic; conservative; loud.

Step 2: Create your day look.

My day look is work. Yes office work so here’s what I came up with.

The bossy pink jacket using Butterick 6062 View d with some initial fit tweaks. The fabric is a stretch woven ($2.5m) and is lined with sunsilky. The sleeves are rolled up because they’re too long. What you can’t see is the back length is a smidge shorter than the front. Oh. I lost the large pocket piece so I drafted a huge pocket for this jacket.

So of course, I had to make this again and check my pattern adjustments. This version is made from Pitt Trading remnant (textured sweatshirt fabric) so I now have a Winter day piece for this dress. This wasn’t my intention but it worked.

I can now see that these jackets will be great in the office as is, but the dress will hint to people that it’s dramatic, once unveiled.

Step 3: Create your night look

This is my night look using White Tree Fabrics remnant. The fabric is pleated and has lots of silver thread in it. I had originally made this fabric into a top but it was too scratchy against my skin.

The clutch is Kylie and the machine’s Ida Clutch pattern – matching bag!

Next up was my Day and Night dress challenge dress – the Yoyo dress.

Step 1: Take a dress you’ve made but neglected.

A lot of work went into making this dress so that it worked for my petite frame. I added pockets and this print is such a classic. But I want to wear it more.

This dress was made as part of my ongoing sponsorship through Minerva Crafts. They have sponsored by hobby for over 5 years now and I am very grateful for their support.

The dress is only a year old and I’ve worn it once to work but I want to wear it more as it’s great with this humid weather.

The dress is great in the heat but when I wear it in the office, the air con can give me the shivers across my shoulders.

Step 2: Create your day look.

This time I used a very loose woven fabric I bought locally for Harmony Day, but never made it up.

McCalls 6844 view A was my choice this time. This pattern is easy and has some petite lines that you can use or not use, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

I used the overlocker to sew this jacket together because the fabric is so loosely woven. This jacket took 2 hours to complete. Quick, once I started on it.

This jacket is going to keep me from shivering in the office, when I wear this dress.

Step 3: Create your night look

I used New Look 6407 to make this shiny black shirt.

This is just a simple shirt made with shiny fabric. It’s a light layer that will work nicely at night, while it’s still hot in the evenings.

So these are my pieces to help you think about what works for you.

Remixing Butterick 6330: Girls in the Garden for The Day and Night Dress Challenge 2019

Hello, this is Lori from Girls in the Garden and I am so happy to be part of The Day and Night Dress Challenge. I am so excited to be part of this Challenge with so many talented sewists and can’t wait to see their day/night looks.

maxi dress with white jacket and maxi dress with belted cardigan and hat

Finding my dress to style

I started this challenge thinking I would use one dress but one afternoon went through my dresses.  Yes, that lead me to change my mind, I decided to go with this solid dark emerald maxi dress, Butterick 6330.  I love wearing maxi dresses in the spring and  summer.  I find maxi dresses perfect for any summer event, they are easy to wear and fun to dress up or down.  So if maxi dresses are so perfect for spring and summer, why can’t I expand this dress to fall and winter.  This dress was made last May 2018, so it is technically not very old but I want to make it more versatile for year round.  I wore it so much last summer, dates, out with my daughters,  and church.

Butterick 6330 maxi dress with belt and dog

My everyday style

My style is casual and easy with a bit of chic and bo-ho(70’s ) styles at times.  One thing I know, I am really not too dressy.  I tend to go with patterns and fabric combinations that work with this style.  If I go out of my box and try a different style, I find those garments don’t get worn as much.  You will be able to tell in my photos what is me and what I am most comfortable wearing.   I used my style to pick my day look but then went a bit outside the box with the fabric for the night look.  I did use a simple style for this fabric to keep the garment more my style. 

For my everyday life, I wear jeans, traditional blue denim and adding more colors of denim to my mix.  So that is why you see so many tops form me, they go with jeans and my daily lifestyle – work style.  As I said, a maxi dress is a good garment for me in the summer.  I will wear it quite often, so easy to wear and style.  With this in mind, it was time to think of a day and night look.  The day would be easy for me, a cardigan, which is my go-to for layering.

Add a little glitz for night

I started with the night look and knew it would be harder for me.  I went with over the top for me, glitzy and metallic.  My pattern is Butterick 6062 (view A)  for a basic jacket using Mood Fabrics’ Metallic Gold Brocade.  My Butterick jacket was pretty basic and would show off the fabric. 

Butterick 6330 maxi dress with cropped metallic jacket
closeup of Butterick 6330 maxi dress with metallic cropped jacket

I did change one thing with the pattern, the lining goes right up to the seam.   A facing was added to the jacket and trimmed with a bias binding.  I thought this was a better look for me, as my lining was not a great match.  I added length to the sleeves and just turned up the sleeve hem allowance a bit more.   The Butterick pattern went together beautifully and with only three basic pattern pieces it is a quick garment to sew.  Just as I wanted the metallic brocade was the star of the show.

gold brocade closeup
sleeve lining on metallic brocade jacket

Where this look is taking me

 “All Out in Gold” was my motto for my night look, fancy gold belt, gold earrings , gold necklace and great shoes.  I like the look of the jacket, especially with the darker jewel tones of the dress.  Where am I going to wear this look?  I am thinking a wedding or a dressy evening at a work convention we attend yearly. I love this metallic basic jacket, I can see it with jeans (of course) and a button shirt with sleeves cuffed up and over the jacket’s sleeves.  Or wait, a new sleeveless Nikko might be needed for this metallic jacket.  I really feel this will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

Butterick 6330 maxi dress with metallic brocade jacket

Styling Butterick 6330 for my day look

Now for the day look, I headed to Pinterest for inspiration.  I searched layering maxi dresses and maxi dresses for winter.  I saw a cardigan wrapped over in the front and belted.  I had all those accessories and decided to give it a try. 

Butterick 6330 with belted cardigan and necklace

Taking the accessories up a notch,  I was inspired by Anita and her great hats, so I bought one for this day look.

Butterick 6330 styled with necklace, hat, and belted cardigan

  I am not sure I am a hat person but it was fun to have a prop.

hat, belted cardigan with Butterick 6330 maxi dress

My pattern is McCall’s 6996, a cardigan pattern I have made a few times before and a style I really like.  The fabric is a beautiful sweater knit from Style Maker Fabrics. The colors together are such beautiful jewel tones, they really work nicely together.  This color combination is not one I have tried before but I really love them together.

The McCall’s pattern has several options, mine is View C, with a good collar band.  Have a look at view A/B, the back flounce is amazing. 

This look is so comfortable for me, I love this look and if it wasn’t for The Day and Night Dress Challenge, I wouldn’t have had this look.  I paired it with the leather belt, big earrings and booties.

Butterick 6330 styled with leather booties, necklace, and belted cardigan

Thanks to Elizabeth for asking me to be a part of this fun challenge.  She helped me look at my dresses in a different way and expand their seasonal possibilities.

The Day and Night Dress Challenge for a stay-at-home mom: Keamesha

The Day and Night Dress Challenge For a Simple Stay-At-Home Mom

Welcome Mesha of Keamesha. She’s bringing her beautiful casual style to The Day and Night Dress Challenge and showing you how to add a little bit of polish to your everyday. I’ll let Mesha go for it!

Oh, boy was this a challenge for me! How does a simple SAHM with a bold print dress create 2 looks from one of the 3 dresses she has in her closet?

The dress in question

I made this dress using McCall’s 6886 back in December 2017 for a Christmas party that my husband and I attended. I’ve only worn it once and being that we rarely go on fancy dinner dates or engagements, I knew this was probably going to get one good wear out of it. The dress is made using Liverpool knit from one of my fave small businesses Sew Blessed Fabrics.

My personal style

My style is ever evolving. Right now most of my looks are classic, modern, comfortable, and functional. Whenever I make a garment my first thought is “will I be able to manage a toddler in this?”. After I got the function of the garment figured out, I then look for fabrics that are comfortable but at the same time, it’s classic and clean. I’m not big on prints, but lately, I’ve stepped a bit outside of my norm and decided to start using fabrics with bold prints.

Day Look: Vintage Style Sweater

My every day requires flats and some sort of layering garment. So I decided to style my dress with a pair of dressy flats and the Bondi shirt pattern from Sinclair Patterns. It’s a basic shirt pattern that I modified. To achieve the look, I raised the neckline, omitted the neckband and used a catchstitch (vintage technique) to hem the neckline. I also shortened both back and front pattern pieces by 5”. For the waistband, I used the same fabric as the sweater, I cut the length 4” shorter than the finished waist and 7 ¼” for the width, I attached using a ⅝” seam allowance. Because the pattern is semi-fitted, I went up 3 sizes to create a semi-fitted sweater look. I used a fleece backed sweater knit fabric from Sew Blessed Fabrics.

The dress print is bold and busy, I had to make sure my garment of choice has to be simple. Because of the simplicity of the sweater, it can be worn quite often and can be dressed up or down.

Night Look: Matching Clutch

I’m pretty simple and since my dress has such an elaborate print, I decided to stay away from any garment pieces and opted to go with an accessory. I made a basic zipper clutch. I believe bags complete any evening look and a clutch, in particular,  adds a sense of elegance.

For the clutch, of course, I used the leftover fabric from the dress and lined it with navy broadcloth. To maintain the structure to the clutch a midweight iron on interfacing was applied to the wrong side of the Liverpool fabric. I used Mimi G’s Clutch Tutorial on YouTube on how to create the clutch. I wanted to keep a chic and classic look so instead of making a foldover clutch like the one in the video, I used my own dimensions of 12” x 9”.


This challenge actually made me reflect on how I’m still not stretching my creative capabilities. Thinking back I think I could’ve actually made an ankle length flowy duster using Double Georgette or Challis fabric for my night look. Overall, I’ve learned that it’s okay to be simple, but simple simply doesn’t mean BORING!

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