asymmetric tops

I really like asymmetric design features.  They catch your eye and can make for some interest in what might otherwise be a plain garment.

Asymmetric Tops

Continuing with my love of Ottobre Woman’s latest issue (5/2014), I made up 5-2014-4, a scoop neck side ruched t-shirt in a poly/cotton knit I picked up from Needle Nook Fabrics in the summer.  The fabric is a bit sheer, but this time of year, I wear a lot of t-shirts as layering pieces, so this is a good addition for that purpose.  Despite my size, t-shirts tend to get caught up on my hips if they’re too long.  All Ottobre t-shirts are too long on me because I’m 5’2.5″, which I’m sure is far shorter than the average Finn.  This t-shirt was no exception.  The problem was magnified by the relative firmness of this knit.  I gave myself extra width in the side seams because I knew that this knit was not going to stretch any extra for me, but I still needed more width in the hips when the t-shirt was finished.  I ended up adding godets in the side seams 7.25″ X2″ wide.  This made the t-shirt a lot more comfortable but didn’t really change the overall silhouette too much.

asymmetric tops

I used clear elastic from Fashion Sewing Supply for the side ruching.  It, like all Pam sells is really great elastic.  I have no idea how anyone sews with the elastic that’s sold elsewhere–it’s too stiff, and my Janome will not sew through it at all.

asymmetric tops

Top #2 is totally weather inappropriate, but I still managed to get a wear out of it over Thanksgiving at my in-laws’ in CA.  Burdastyle 2-2013-109 was the pattern that pushed me over the edge last year when I bought this issue.

asymmetric tops

The left “sleeve” is formed by a large section of the back pleated, gathered and wrapped around to the front to sew into the neckline.  It makes for a beautiful little cap sleeve.  You could eliminate the asymmetric element and make both sides to have the wrap around sleeves, I would wager to good effect.  The wrap piece itself was a little too long and at a funny angle for me.  To fix this, I pinned the sleeve where I wanted it, stitched it down and cut off the excess–very simple.

The Ottobre top review is here.

The Burdastyle top review is here.
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  1. Lita Jones Reply

    I am so glad to see yoou back sewing. I dont do much sewing any more but a great deal of enjoyment from your sewing and your adding so many skills for your craft.

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