It just occurred to me that this is a lot of cookies.

#9 Double Chocolate Sandwich Cookies


These taste a great deal like Oreos, but they have a finer texture and aren’t so cardboardy.  Dutch process cocoa seems to give things a very sandy delicate texture I’ve noticed.  Regardless, these cookies certainly make you want to grab a stack with a tall glass of milk (a delight I bitterly mourn as I write–I shall drown my sorrows in a cup of very overpriced Mariage Frere Casablanca green tea with bergamot and mint that I bought in NY in April…it takes away the sting of my milk loss).

You can still add pictures of your own Christmas cookies here.


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  1. LOL! A lot of cookies? You are just now figuring this out?

    We made cupcakes and rice crispy treats for our cookie exchange. I’m almost ashamed to admit it. All yours are so lovely.

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