I can dig 7 swans, but anyway…

#7:  Florentines


My favorite Italian confection.  We had these cookies at our wedding baked by our favorite Italian place in town.  These had to be about the most fun “cookie” to make (it’s more like an almond nougat that you then bake)–you make the almond mixture and then put about a tablespoon of it on the baking sheet and 10 minutes later they pop become these enormous cookies.  I made them beforehand and we decorated them with chocolate on one side.  The surprise in them is this delicious candied orange peel I got from my favorite spice storeThis particular recipe is from one of my favorite cookbook authors, Nick Malgieri from his Chocolate book.  You can still add pictures of your own Christmas cookie creations here.

Some of my cousins and I are participating in a Secret Santa swap.  Here is my contribution for my person who shall remain nameless lest she or others read this and spill the beans.  I got the pattern here.  It was a pretty simple bag to sew except her directions were different for lining the bag than I’ve tried before, which wouldn’t have been a big deal except that I used a pretty heavy interfacing plus I interfaced the lining with a layer of canvas.



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