#10 Las Lunas de Sevilla


A friend and I created this cookie while she was taking a Spanish class a few years ago.  Her instructor was from Spain and she was given the task of bringing treats one night.  Wanting to make something that actually was Spanish, the two of us set about researching.  My friend makes wickedly delicious flan, but she really wanted to make some kind of cookie.  What we discovered were very few cookie recipes in our research, so we decided to create something with Spanish ingredients.  We had 2 ideas: Seville orange marmalade–made from bitter oranges in the city of Seville and dark Spanish chocolate (we used Blanxart).  We then concluded that the best way to combine them was with a shortbread cookie.

The prototype was a circular cookie painted down the middle with chocolate and the marmalade on the other side.  They were delicious, but the marmalade was tacky to the touch and the flavors were seperate, not combined like we were looking for.  The solution was two very thin half-moon shaped cookies, sandwiched with the marmalade and striped with the chocolate.  A stunning cookie with delicious results.  It might seem weird to have two bitter flavors–the jam and the chocolate in the same cookie, but these actually balance each other quite well.  I’ve since added sweet orange rind in the shortbread dough to add a bigger and different orange flavor in the final cookie.


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