No, there are not 10,000 yoyos in this quilt–there are only 1,470, but this being my sixth completed yoyo coverlet that I have made in the past five years, my lifetime total of yoyos that I have made is over 10,000 now.

This one is a study in purples and reds.  I am SO glad to have this one done.  I started it while Nathan and I were dating.  It stayed half-finished in the closet for a couple of years until I discovered it during morning sickness.  I decided I HAD to finish it before the baby came or there was a 0% chance it was ever going to be finished which if you’ve ever made a quilt entirely by hand you will appreciate that this would have been a crying shame.  I love it, especially now that it’s done.  It just looks like my friend.



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