I finally made a diaper bag for myself from my pattern. The outer fabric is from Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks line (I’m so amazed by how beautiful this line is). The lining fabric is Polly Goes to Paris which is a Henry Glass fabric that I got from fabricsupplies (go order something from them…they are wonderful people–you can read about them at True Up here).



I made the gusset on the outer bag from a thrifted teal wool blazer I bought ages ago for fabric. I also pirated the pockets from the blazer, relined them and sewed one on the inside and outside of the bag to hold my cell phone and random small things. I added a couple of button closures for the pockets just for kicks.  The strap is super wide to distribute the weight well and it’s long enough to be worn hands-free so you can carry baby and all of baby’s gear.  There are 6 inside pockets and a lanyard ring to hold keys so that they don’t get lost in the black hole of pursedom.

Speaking of baby gear: it is 2 weeks until the due date…we’ll see where baby decides to come plus or minus that.  I’m ready now–gearwise and mentally.


  1. I wanna see! The pictures didn’t post, nothing but a red X! Hope you are sooner rather than later…I was TEN days past with my first! UUUGHGH!

  2. Good luck with the upcoming birth. My kids both showed up early. I wish I had known how to sew when they were born. I had a very boring black store-bought diaper bag. It was nowhere near as stylish as yours…

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