camel ponte pants

Camel Ponte Pants

It’s quite seldom that I do not use my serger for at least part of any given garment.  But when it started feeling “clunky” last week, I decided it was time to get it serviced (it’s been I think 3 years).  But I only had a pair of knit pants to make (ponte pants–my last item for the Wardrobe Basics Sew along, specifically), and theoretically, you don’t need a serger to make knits.  I say theoretically because I didn’t realize how crazy dependent I am on my serger.  Good sewing went out the window.

My inspiration pants were the City Knit Luxe pants from NY and Company that I tried on at the beginning of the challenge whilst on a little snoop shopping expedition.

camel ponte pants

snap henley

Heathered Snap Henley

Aqua is generally my favorite color, but lately,  I keep coming across a wide range of such pretty corals and peaches.  Given the fact that coral is pretty much opposite aqua on the color wheel, I’ve been attempting to branch out from my #1 favorite color.

I got pushed over the orange edge when I encountered this pretty peachy pink heathered poly cotton rayon knit from Harts Fabric.  I bought it with some Christmas money and it’s been ageing in my stash as I’ve pondered how to do it justice.

My motorcycle jacket is finished!  Thank you all who contributed to helping me decided about my melted collar.  As I let the jacket hang for a couple of days in the sewing closet, I came to agree with all of you–the pieced collar didn’t look all that weird.  So I sewed it on in and finished off the jacket.  And now I can present you the final jacket!

motorcycle jacket

Burdastyle 12-2009-111

motorcycle jacket

Blue Twill Motorcycle Jacket

ruffled cardigan

Burdastyle 1-2012-106 Ruffled cardigan

My family game is pinochle.  I grew up playing it with my great-grandma and her sisters and uncles and aunts and my older cousins and my parents.  It’s so ingrained that the whole process is automatic, but once in a while someone will miss a bid or play the wrong suit or forget that it’s their turn.  We started referring to that as taking a short nap.  And boy have I had a few short naps on this sweater.


flatlocked turtleneck

Flatlocked Turtleneck

Burdastyle 9-2010-121

My next item to finish for the Wardrobe Basics Sew Along is a black turtleneck.  As I never do black unless work required (and by ‘required’ I actually really truly mean required), I chose a heathered oatmeal rayon knit–decidedly a better color for me.  Though I had to resize for this version of Burdastyle 9-2010-121, I knew it would come together very quickly.  Knowing this, and inspired by an article in Threads #155 (June/July 2011), I thought I’d make things more interesting by trying out some flatlocking on my serger.

rayon challis pajamas

Rayon Challis Pajamas

I’ve been looking to make a nice pair of pajamas for forever (I think it’s been on my sewing goals for 2 years), but I could never find the right fabric and I was pretty discouraged after the disaster that was the HotPatterns pajamas of doom (which despite the awful fit I find myself wearing because I still love the fabric).  I’ve gotten to the point that I could not keep shoving this project down on the queue anymore.  I’ve lost enough weight now that all of my bottoms are too loose, and the reality is that I’ve been wearing the same mismatched pajamas since at least college through prepregnancy and all the way through 40 weeks twice.  No garment should be wearable at 40 weeks and in a non-pregnant state.  That’s just crazy.

lounging sweater

Burdastyle 1-2011-126

Lounging sweater

Once upon a time there was a cream sweater.  It was big and bulky with a shawl collar and came down to my knees.  It belonged to my Mom in the 70’s.  On a cold day in college I raided her closet and claimed it as my own.  I loved that sweater.  Every sick day was made better by it, brisk walks were improved when I wore it, and it had a faint stain of tea on one sleeve bottom because it accessorized many a pot of tea too.  Perhaps it was because it was slightly dowdy or because it might have waltzed out the door with me to my classroom on chilly days (for lack of something better), but one day, one sad day that stolen sweater got stolen back by its original owner.  The nerve!

Well Mom, all I can say is muwahahaha because Burda supplied me with a slightly more stylish and certainly prettier alternative in Burdastyle 1-2011-126.

scarf collar sweater

Scarf collar sweater

Burdastyle 1-2011-122

I hate sweaters.  Or they hate me.  When cooler weather rolls around, I try to shield myself from the rashes that wool produces or the burning fire of acrylic with layers of lightweight t-shirts to no avail.  Inevitably I end up feeling frozen, give up, and toss on my beloved, albeit not terribly attractive Met Opera hoodie.

When I came across this wool jersey from Textile-O-Phile for my birthday 2 years ago, I was pretty hopeful.  It is very finely woven, 100% Patagonia wool, and lightweight enough that if it does irritate my skin, I won’t be choking for air in it.  It even passed the scratch test (I held it against my collarbone in the store for like 2 minutes–crazy, but necessary).  I stashed it because at the time I was too in awe of it to actually use it, but now that I’ve accumulated some skillz, it was not a big deal to pull it out.  In looking back through my Burdas, I came across Burdastyle 01-2011-122:

scarf collar sweater