Netting tee


Whew!  I’m in the process of moving my site over to as well as writing 2 articles for 2 different sewing magazines.  While I’m in the process of that, I will be blogging my unblogged projects to create the illusion that sewing is happening when in reality writing, photography, and website management are taking…

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Change your old patterns or buy new ones?


I have a phobia about new patterns I’d like to get over.  I’m the type that would rather use the patterns I have and modify them vs. buying a new pattern from a new company.  I guess I worry about having to make a million different adjustments if company x’s sloper  happens to be not close to…

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A spring skirt for fall + ivory leggings


A while ago Lynne of Wonderfully Made made this amazing green and blue striped skirt inspired by Michael Kors’ Spring 2013 collection.  I loved how she changed the direction of the stripe in the godets and how she made a knit fabric look so dressy.  I filed away the memory of this skirt resolving to…

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