I’m really grateful that I managed to finish 2 more garments that had been sitting on my table during my sicky time we’ve all been through the past couple weeks.  Here’s the curved godet skirt.  This was really a pretty fast sew, though it had to be hung since the godets are on the bias.  Without the hanging, there was probably 2 hours of construction involved.BWOF 2-2007-113

What I learned:

I’m not near as wide as I think I am:  I’m hippy, but I also have a small waist, and when I lose weight, I lose it first from my waist.  The problem that I run into with skirts is that the waist is so big when I choose patterns based on my full hip that the finished skirt will fall clean off me were it not for those hips.  If they don’t fall off me completely, the skirts settle at a point below my waist that is not the most flattering.  I need to start being realistic about where I want my skirts to fall and be strict about that measurement.  This skirt’s waist is better than my previous skirts, but it’s still sits lower than I’d like it to.

I cut a straight 38 which fit my hips beautifully.  I’m glad to figure out that this is my base size in Burda.  Once I figure out the waist problem, I’ll be doing better on sizing skirts.

Stay tape!:  The very inspirational Katie of Kadiddlehopper posted not to long ago about stabilizing the waistline of a linen skirt she had made with twill tape.  I took it to heart and did that for this skirt.  This may be why it doesn’t fall off me near as much as most skirts end up doing, plus it made for the nice clean look which I’m always looking for in linen.  Gertie wrote a quick primer on stay tapes last week, so now I’m thinking about them a lot especially with skirts.

Bias love:  I love the movement in bias skirts.  It makes all of the fiddly hanging and marking that comes with hemming bias worth it.  I’ll throw out there that to keep the godets (which are on the bias) from stretching as I sewed them in, I put them next to the feed dogs and kept the straight grain pieces on top since they are more stable.  I used a fusible bias tape to interface the hem too which made things very easy to deal with.

I do love this skirt, and I wouldn’t mind at some point making another one with some changes to the waist.  For now, I’m grateful to have a cool skirt for summer.

Here is my review.


  1. Way cute! I love a swishy skirt! It looks really great with that top/belt combo as well. I’m glad I could help!

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