I finished my top today. I’m totally sold on full bust adjustments now. I don’t think I’ve owned a top that fit me so well as this across the chest that wasn’t terribly large everywhere else.  I’ll be doing fba’s from now on.

I love the way the sleeves turned out too–I think they’re too wide to be straps, but it’s probably a matter of semantics. At any rate they have a lovely crisp feel to them. I lined them with muslin which feels very nice. The fabric is Joel Dewberry chesnuts in white. As a rule, I’m not a fan of quilting fabrics for clothing because I think the drape fee;s a little weird to me, but it being summer and me not being able to find a lot of prints this year, I broke my own rule.  At any rate this is wonderfully comfortable and cool which is much needed in the heat.  It makes me want to grill something tasty.


  1. dearmrsreese Reply

    What a great top. It looks great on you. I know it must feel wonderful to spend so much time making something that ends up fitting so well.

  2. Very flattering. You did a great job! You’re inspiring me…maybe I can adjust a garment in the opposite way. 😉

  3. Wow! It is a GREAT fit! I will have to remember the FBA when I get around to making tops for me! You look very pretty! Grill something tasty, then tell us all about it!! Some veggies maybe, I love grilled vegatables, but never know how to season them! Suggestions?

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