1. I have been enjoying your sewing journey during the Suduko contest. All of your entry garments are perfection and coordinate quite well together. Thanks for your tip re: Dime buttons. I have not tried making denim garments because the fastener choices that have been presented to me did not appear secure. The Peggy Sager video was most helpful and I have some tie interfacing in my stash, so off we go…

    Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me. Continued success to you in your personal life and sewing journey.

    • Thanks so much. I’ve tried every brand of tack buttons available to home sewists, and these ones really have been the best. You’ll love the tie interfacing for what it does in your jackets!

    • Thank you! Exhausting is a good word for it! I think it’s been a little more than my usual sewing pace, so that hasn’t been too much, but all of the writing and photography–phew! Congratulations on getting to the end of your grid too! I love your cocoon cardigan.

  2. Wow! That is a fantastic tip about folding a scrap to avoid the wobbly stitching. I will be doin that.
    (and I love your jacket)

    • It really makes a difference, and it’s an easy thing to do because you always have scraps. And the self-fabric works best because it’s the same thickness as the fabric you’re working on!

  3. I absolutely love, love, love everything about this jacket! The color is so gorgeous and it’s impeccably made. Thanks to your endorsement, I’m going to purchase that dime button assortment with the tool. I have some jeans and at least one denim jacket in my ToSew list, so those will work perfect!

    • Thanks so much! I knew when I saw that denim that it had to be a jacket. Enjoy the dime buttons. I tell you what, I’ve tried everything out there in the way of tack buttons, and these ones are by far the easiest to put in. Plus all the designs they have are a little more interesting than normal tack buttons too!

  4. My God, this is really sooooo pretty! So Well-made and it fits you really perfect!!! The pattern is also really pretty! I can imagine this will be something you will be wearing a lot! I didn’t get to making something like this before, but will definitely pin this and hopefully someday I will have enough courage or selfconfidence to just try it 🙂 Thanks for all the advice too!!

    • Thanks Barbara. I’ve been wearing it with everything already! This is a really nice pattern too. Burda always delivers on fit and details!


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