I don’t get too ranty here, but this is a pet peeve:  Perhaps it’s just me but it seems like V-necks are always too low.  I love wearing them, but I hate having to constantly be rearranging them just so my business isn’t being flashed to the whole world.  So what to do so I still get to wear a style I like without worrying about modesty?

Be empowered!  You have tape and a ruler!

Raising a neckline:

Here’s the front piece from my Butterick 5386 top.  I decided to raise this neckline by 3″ (After finishing, I think 2″ would’ve done the trick which I’ll keep in mind when I make this again).  To do this, I tacked down the piece on my cardboard grid, lining up the center front line with one of the lines.  I put tissue paper under the pattern piece, taped the tissue paper to the pattern, and drew a mark 3″ above the top of the center front line.  Using a design ruler, I drew a new curve.  The curve tapers to nothing at the shoulder and at the outer edge of the front and the 3″ mark is the high point of the curve.  Cut at the new curve and you’re almost done.




On this top I needed to change the collar piece so that its curve matched the front piece.  On other tops, you’d have to change the facing.  I matched the edge of the collar to the front.  I slid the part of the collar that was too wide underneath the altered front piece and traced the new curve on the collar.  I cut along this line to remove the excess tissue.  I then folded the collar on the foldline and removed the same amount of tissue from the other side.


So much better!


  1. Oh girl..I am so that way too!! I love the way V necks look but why so LOW?? I just got a bag of shirts from a friend and ALL of the shirts are plungers…I need some suggestions please!! 🙂

    • I’m still on the hunt for the perfect camisole. Pregnancy/nursing threw things out of whack in that dept, so I can’t just go and buy a pile of my beloved Forever 21 camis.  Sad.  I have saved many a V with a cami though.  I made a McCall’s cami…not so great…fit was weird and I used way too thick of fabric.  Someday I’ll find one and I’ll make like millions of them.

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