Being (sort of) in the process of moving, I’ve been going dotty with planning the design of our new house.  I really love mid century pieces in general, and our Danish modern dining chairs need to be recovered.  I’ve been carefully collecting swatches of Marimekko oilcloth and some other oilcloth to see if I could find something I really loved.  Swatches are great things to have around as you can test out colors and feel the fabric.  The problem with swatches is that at some point, you’ve made a design decision and you’re left with odd chunks of gorgeous fabric.  What do you do?

You seam them together and make them into bibs.  Oilcloth is a great choice for bibs because of how easy it is to wipe up.  I backed these bibs with I traced around one of his bibs and I cut out two after I pieced together the samples rather haphazardly.  I backed the bibs with an old towel that has definitely seen better days.  For the two bibs, this project cost me $3.50.  Pretty incredible given how expensive it would be to buy yardage of the laminated cotton, and how unthinkable it would be for me to buy Marimekko yardage for a BIB.

Oh, but I will enjoy how easy oatmeal and berries or spaghetti sauce comes off these bad boys.  Plus, I’m glad to have been able to use up some great fabric.

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  1. #2..haha that’s funny!! I KNOW you have some names in mind, which makes it all the more funny!! 🙂 Hello friend, how have you been? LOVE the bibs!! Great job Momma!! xo

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