I’ve had this project (Butterick 5245) on the backside of my sewing table for a few weeks.  I had other projects–namely the yoyo quilt, the vintage quilt, and the little doll quilt that I threw in for kicks to keep me busy.  Plus I decided that if I was going to make a dress, I was going to do it when I could give myself time to think and breathe my way through it instead of rushing it.  So I studiously spent all the time putting all of those irritating markings on the fabric and I made the bodice one day, lined it another, sewed the skirt together another day, and I finished it EARLY this morning (read 4 am) when I couldn’t sleep (ah, pregnancy). 

I’m SUPER proud of myself for instinctively picking a non-maternity pattern that would work for pregnancy well, and I’m very very very happy to now have a “maternity” dress that is not these horrid neutral colors that apparently the RTW folks think pregnant ladies should be wearing these days.

I learned a couple of things:

1.  All of those little irritating markings you have to transfer on your fabric from the pattern really do make a better end product.

2.  I should have remembered from my high school Latin that Rome was not built in a day.  I get project-obsessed and my must-finish-now mentality shows often and I end up with things that I can’t wear which is kind of against my goal.  Conversely, when you give yourself the mental and physical space to create a garment, things turn out better.  Finding the fabric really is the hardest part, and that’s pretty fun.

3.  I need to read about knits a lot.  I sewed slow and carefully and it paid off, but there seriously has to be a better way to approach knits than the way I currently am.


Doesn’t Tina look cute?


  1. Lovely dress Elizabeth I know just what you mean about being must-finish-now mentality as I too am inflicted by it’s powers although it is getting slightly superseeded by must blog now which leaves my poor projects with a bit of a popularity complex.

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