I’ve been busy.  Or rather my serger has been extremely busy.  Having wanted to sew a bunch of maternity clothes for myself, and having the fabric to do so, Patternreview’s Endless Combinations contest came at a perfect time.  I love the idea behind this contest: each garment has to combine with at least one of the others in your collection.  What a smart thing, eh?  I feel like when you first start sewing garments you end up with all these little orphan projects (i.e. lots of skirts for instance with no tops that match etc.) for no other reason than you haven’t acquired enough skillage to make a wardrobe out of anything.  It felt good to be able to do just that.  And beyond that, I’m pretty excited to have some garments for my last trimester here that feel a great deal more like me and a lot less like souless, life-sucking maternity clothes.

I made a small collection of knit garments.  Can I say that knits are more the pregnant lady’s friend beyond the obvious reason that they s-t-r-e-t-c-h?  I mean really, knit garments sew up like lightning which is so swell when you’re tired and sore and just need a mental pick-me-up.  A week’s worth of cutting out at naptimes and sewing after dinner and maybe hemming at breakfast produced 5 seperate garments.  That’s a ton for me.  And while that will never be my normal pace for sewing, I felt a lot of motivation to get this project done before Christmas.  Here’s the rundown:

Simplicity 2560–a little knit cardigan:  I made this in cotton spandex and pleated instead of gathered the lower sections because I’m more of a pleat kind of girl.  I like this pattern, but I’ll make it in another view because the gappy thing at CF is kind of weird (it’s how the pattern works, not just a fit issue–but it looks like it should be a fit issue which is awkward).

Simplicity 4704–OOP general maternity pattern with a totally brainless skirt:  This skirt is so comfortable.  I made it in a double knit for the actual skirt part and the belly band out of a 4 way stretch nylon.  It goes with everything.  If I had a stash of heavier knits handy, I’d be tempted to sew them all up into this.  It took 1 yd for the skirt, 1/2 for the belly band and it’s literally 5 seams (serged no less) and a hem.

Jalie Scarf Collar top: I’ve made this before and loved it, so I knew that making it into a maternity top was a hop, skip, and a jump away.  I love the construction of this top.  It’s just plum clever.  See how clean the collar is on the inside?  It halfway makes me want to wear it inside-out because it turned out so nicely.

Burdastyle 06-2010-132–a simple empire seamed dress: or it would have been a dress if I could have figured out that this rayon was way to flimsy to hold up as a dress.  Oops.  Well, I needed a nightgown anyhow.  Hey–you could nurse in this no problem.  Score!  I’ll make this again in a much more appropriate ITY.

Jalie Empire Crossover Top:  This one took a little more effort.  There’s a lot of basting going on in this top, and it took a couple of times playing with the height of the empire seam to get to this version.  I STILL think I could lower the seam 1/2″, but it is better.  I guess if I outgrow this top, I’ll have to do that.

As for combinations, here you go:

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My wardrobe review is here.


  1. I realize it was obviously for completely practical reasons, but I love that you did a maternity wardrobe for the challenge. It seems like it would be the most versatile option for a chunk of wardrobe that is necessary but only needed for a limited time.

  2. Wow…you make it all seem so easy!! You look fabulous! Great job on getting sooo much accomplished!! 🙂

  3. Love the Jalie scarf top, what a gorgeous color on you! This makes me miss maternity sewing (well, just a little).

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