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The more clothes I sew for kids, the less uptight girls’ vs boys’ clothes.  At the end of the day, good sewing is good sewing, and tiny collar stands are just as satisfying to sew as miniature ruffles.

This corduroy pinafore dress I made for one of my nieces is a good example.  I loved making the sweet little frills on the straps (Ottobre 1-2009-8) and adding the pleated pockets.

corduroy pinafore

If I’m honest though, I had just as much fun sewing the same little jumper in pants format (Ottobre 1-2009-11) for my youngest when he was a little guy.

corduroy pinafore

corduroy pinafore

I think I’ve unintentionally had a bias that girls’ clothes are just plain cuter than boys, but as I’ve tested this theory, I see how wrong it is.  All kids are precious and adorable, and whatever you sew for them will be cute on them.

Do you fall into this thinking that boys or girls clothes are better/more fun to sew?
Elizabeth Made This

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  1. I think that has honestly been one of my biggest struggles so far in reconciling myself to being pregnant with a boy! It just seems like there’s a lot more/cuter options for girls. But I stumbled across a Facebook group earlier this week that’s entirely focused on sewing for boys, so I’ve been getting some good pattern ideas from that. And one of my good friends pointed out to me that this means the chances of people buying pink clothes for my kid are pretty slim, which is great since it’s one of my least favorite colors!

    • I hate true pink too!  Ottobre is the best for boys’ clothes–they have such great details on all of their patterns.  Sewing For Boys by Shelly Figueroa is also a really excellent book.  I hope the end of your pregnancy goes well, Becky!  Your little guy will win your heart daily.

  2. Those are both so cute! I only have boys and I don’t really sew for little girls, so I know sewing for boys is fun 🙂 But trying to find little boy patterns is a lot harder than trying to find little girl patterns!

    • Bryanna, it’s so true that girls’ patterns are easy to find!  Your ties that you’ve made for your boys kill me they’re so cute!  My boys seem to really love the hats that I’ve made for them.

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