Father’s Day brings two things to mind for me: handmade ties and a special breakfast. This year, in honor of Dad, combine these two icons of Father’s Day in these patchwork tie napkins.

2 coordinating fat quarters
Thread to match
Scrap of cardboard or cardstock about 4” X 11”
Fabric scraps: one 4” X 4”; one 4” X 3”; one 4”X 2”; one
4” X 1.75”; one 4” X 1.5”; one 4”X 1”; one 4” X .75
Glue stick
Disappearing ink fabric marker or chalk

1. Create the tie template: At the top center of the cardboard, draw a 2” square. Mark the bottom center of the square. Make two marks at 7” and 9” down from the bottom center of the square. At the 7” mark, measure outwards 2” on either side. Connect the bottom edges of the square to these two marks. Connect each of these two marks then to the bottom point. Cut out the template.

2. Make the tie: Matching wrong sides together, sew two of the fabric scraps together at the 4” sides with a .25” seam allowance. Repeat with the remaining scraps until you have one long rectangle of scraps. Press the seams open so that they lay flat. Lay the tie template on the completed rectangle and trace around it with the marker or chalk. Cut out the tie and set aside.

3. Appliqué the tie: Paint the backside of the tie with the glue stick*. Affix the tie to the center right side of one of the fat quarters. Satin stitch around the tie to secure the tie to the fabric using a zigzag stitch.

4. Make the napkin: Cut the fat quarters to 18” X 18”. Save the scraps for another project. Match wrong sides of both of the fat quarters together and pin around the edges. Starting 4” from one edge, straight stitch all the way around the edges with a .5” seam allowance, leaving the last 3” unstitched. Clip the corners, being careful not to clip into the stitching. Turn the napkin right sides out through the opening. Press the napkin; making sure that your opening is turned under flush to the other edges. Topstitch around the entire napkin.

*You could affix the tie with Heat and Bond Lite, but since this project will come in contact with food, I figured something that is guaranteed non-toxic like a glue stick is a better option. Just be sure to wash the napkin before you use it to get out the glue.


  1. saw this post on sewmamasew forum and just love the idea. super cute and fun. thank you for sharing. H

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