Things are going well on my batch fitting plan despite Gnomey being out of service for a couple of days.  I threw off her timing bigtime fishing out the needle tip.  My very very kind machine repair guy charged me for a normal service though he spent much more time trying to figure out what was going on.

Back to the plan…my curved godet skirt is hanging, awaiting hemming, I’ve finished the black gingham top, and this latest knit top.

This is for my family reunion that is coming up in a couple of weeks.  The idea is that each branch of the family is supposed to wear matching t-shirts.  I’m not really a t-shirt wearer, and I certainly can’t nurse in a traditional one, so I’ve been weighing my options for a while.  I settled on this Simplicity 2369, which I really can’t recommend enough.    When I went shopping for fabric, Denver Fabrics had no solid royal blue (my family’s color), that was suitable, so I went with this floral ITY.

Simplicity 2369

What I learned

Using your serger makes your serging better: this goes without saying, but since I haven’t been able to serge without a great deal of hassle until very recently, my serging has been not so nifty.  I’m starting to understand it now though since I can roll between both machines.  The seam allowance gauges are starting to make sense to me now too, which are a little funny on a serger.  I serged all of the seams on this top with a 3 thread setup to give things more stretch.  This is hands down my best serger work.  Yay!

Steam a Seam and ITY:  I’ve taken a break from using Steam a Seam in the hems of my knit projects for a while as I’ve been trying different techniques and building my skills working with knits.  I came back to it on this project because I had a bit of a notion that a nice crisp seam is what I wanted, especially on the full sleeves.  I’m sold.  I will ALWAYS use Steam a Seam for ITY.  The hems just hang really nice with it in them.

All in all, I’m grateful to have a nice comfortable top that’s appropriate for the get together with my family, and I’m thinking depending on what fabric you use, this top could be appropriate in a lot of different settings.

Here is my review.

Next up is the Butterick 4985 from the mystery floral fabric in the middle of this lot.

I fitted the pattern yesterday, and I just need to shorten the lower bodice pieces before I cut things out.


  1. Great fabric, I had some in teal. Love the pattern it has great reviews, I might need to get it for myself.

  2. Lita Jones Reply

    You are moving forward with you plqn qne I love the fabric and the pattern looks great on you.

  3. Lovely — one of my favorites! I’ll have to look into “Steam a Seam” — I’m not familiar with it…

  4. Hi! I am looking to make a dress from this pattern as well. Did you just serge or did you use your sewing machine as well? Any advice for an advanced beginner?
    Thank you!

  5. Another question: When you serge knits, do you need to use ballpoint needles as well? Thanks!

  6. Your great results made me buy this pattern today, I hope I have something as great to show for it. Supah!

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