My little serger…we’ve had some trouble getting to know each other. Between tension issues and a screw that likes to come loose if it’s on the table when Gnomey is working, it’s been some hard work getting acquainted. I’ve had to walk away several times and down quite a few pots of tea to console myself. Of course, being stubborn, I decided that the two of us (her name is Josey) needed to make peace.  I realize that I’m not alone in having issues with my serger at first, but it’s still frustrating.

This wrap dress is my first semi-successful project with the serger. This really was a pretty simple pattern to follow. I did another FBA with no issues (though I perhaps could have gotten away with a size smaller bodice). I tranferred all of the marks for the sleeves and they magically came out perfectly.


I was so happy–setting in sleeves is my least favorite thing to do. I shortened the ruffle 2″…I should have shortened the skirt as well, but with this very lightweight rayon jersey, it doesn’t seem to matter that the hem is a wee bit lower than is optimally flattering on me. Besides doing all of the inside work beautifully, I did a rolled hem on the serger. It was a good choice with this jersey plus fast, easy, and it looks nice too. The only thing I’m not super happy about with this dress is the facings. I decided to use a very lightweight bias tape to face the edges of the bodice–far too heavy and it distorted the edge a bit too. I need to practice facings on lightweight fabric to see what I like. I just took Patternreview’s facings class, which was excellent. The teacher suggested making a lot of sample facings…though time consuming, I think ultimately it would save me time. I suppose I’ll do that in my “spare time.”

No more garments for me until my new iron comes.  I’ve been using this cheapo iron I got from my parents–it works really well but it doesn’t have an off switch and I’ve melted a few too many things on it and it won’t come clean any more.  It is just as well.  The stash, she looms in the closet and I need some simple projects to whittle it all down to a more manageable state.

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  1. Love it! SO glad you did a wrap dress…it looks great!! Sorry about the issues with your serger!! I go from quilting cottons to T-shirts to outdoor canvas on mine without changing tensions or even needles sometimes (oops, I forget) and thankfully I haven’t had any problems yet!! Now I guess it is my turn to try the wrap dress….I haven’t even finished my summer skirt yet….I AM SOOOO BEHIND!!! 😀

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