I finished my Butterick 5386 top the other day.  I’ll write about a full bust adjustment on another top.  I filed my pattern and forgot to get good pictures while I was making the alteration…next knit top–I promise, I’ll show you.

Anyhow, here is the top, and it’s super comfortable and lovely.  It’s a t-shirt, kids, but it looks and feels quite a bit dressier.  This is from a really nice mystery content jersey from Denver Fabrics that I got for like $3/yd.  I’m going to look for more of this fabric the next time I’m there because it’s perfect for this top.  It’s a little heavier weight but still with some good stretch and a very soft hand.

I narrowed the shoulders because the pattern look crazy wide there in comparison to my own shoulders which made for a more flattering and a more comfortable sleeve.  Woohoo!

I think I said this a couple posts back–I love this collar.  I folded it over here, but you could wear it up  and it’d be very dramatic.  I probably got a little carried away with raising the neckline 3″ and I didn’t really factor in the collar.  It version 2, I’m going to lower my 3″ to 1 1/2, and I think it’ll be just right.  As it looks now, this top reminds me of this:

Not that that’s bad…I kind of like feeling all Jedi princessy.  If I could just find my light saber…



    • I love the color too!  Nathan was impressed that I picked up the Star Wars reference on my own.  🙂

  1. You’re doing such a great job! I think I will have to go to your house for sewing lessons. I cannot stand to sew knits. Maybe I just don’t know the tricks.

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