Yes it’s a week late, but It’s always helpful for me to take a look back on my goals and see how much I accomplished before I dive into a new year.  This was a big growth year for me in my sewing.  I think every other year has also been a big growth year, but I think this is the first year where it’s really started to show that this is not my first rodeo.

Best Makes of 2011

  • I made a coat!

    I felt completely ready to take on this task that daunted me last year and the year before.  I took my time, and gradually it all came together in something I love love love love love to wear.  Actually, outerwear is coming to be a part of my sewing, which is great because Colorado is a place you have to layer clothes.

best makes of 2011

best makes of 2011
  • This whole pants thing is starting to make sense.

    I’ve made three pairs of jeans now and this latest addition BWOF 8-2008-122 is showing some real growth (I’ll save info on this latest addition when I can get some pics).  There’s also the grey green cords below and these Vogue 1034 jeans.

best makes of 2011
best makes of 2011
  • I had a baby and then had to scramble to figure out how to deal with my changing size.

    I’m still figuring it out.  From delivery till present, there’s about 50 pounds…not a small amount of change.  I think you can see the change most obviously in my dresses:

  • best makes of 2011best makes of 2011best makes of 2011 I think there is some serious petite-ing learning coming my way.  And my ever present annoyance [how do you account for a full bust without adding to the waist?] is rearing its ugly head.  I’ve been cheating by adding to the side seams, but I have no extra fluff on the sides anymore and even less waist.  Arghh.  Back to the drawing board I will go in 2012.
  • Making the boys clothes is kind of fun

    .  I tend to sew just for me because I know how to fix what I have going on and it’s too time consuming and not often appreciated by recipients how much goes into that enough to inspire me to sew for them (the brilliantly cheeky Selfish Seamstress sums it up well).  But most of the time the boys are very appreciative, and there’s little to no fitting issues that need to happen.  Plus, I can scour the $2/lb bin for fabric for them and sewing their clothes helps me up my construction skills.  And they’re darn cute.  Win win for everyone.  Can’t we all just play with boxes wearing robot pjs?

best makes of 2011
best makes of 2011

For the new year I’d like to:

  • Keep puzzling through this whole pants thing
  • REALLY figure out the full bust/small waist and narrow shoulders conundrum
  • Learn to make welt pockets that aren’t hideously ugly
  • Sew something with silk…it’s just sitting there waiting for me.

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  1. a lovely review–your skills are really growing! what fabulous jeans and coat. I’m with you on the full bust, little waist, narrow shoulders thing, too.

  2. Such a pretty coat, E! You go, girl! And I LOVE that picture of Noah in his Paddington Bear jacket. SO CUTE.

  3. AWESOME year!! You have definitely grown as kick-a*# garment sewer!! 🙂 Hope your 2012 brings even more opportunities to show off your awesome TALENT!!! oh…forgot to say how much I adored your family picture….BEAUTIFUL!! xo

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