What kind of golden rings are they really?  Plain?  With jewels?  White gold, yellow gold?  For such a high point in the song there is a curious lack of helpful description.

#5 Meringues


There are two cakes that I LOVE more than anything to bake: Baumkuchen, which is a major project and Buche de Noel which looks like a major project but is actually pretty quick and dirty.  If you put me in a room and my only task was to make a ton of meringue mushrooms, I could be very happy for a long time. 

With not being able to eat Buche this year because of the dairy, I made these little meringues instead and we dipped them in chocolate.  I flavored some with cocoa and some with coffee per this recipe which did make them delicious.  I will enjoy the extreme lack of humidity that we have here in CO that allows these gems to be the crispy delights that they are.  I love how they look on the charmeuse.

Seriously consider adding your own cookie pictures to The 12 Days of Christmas (Cookies) group on Flickr.

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