What on earth is a calling bird?

#4  Gingerbread Snowflakes (#2 in the cutout series)


Since I started this whole shin dig, I’ve made some kind of gingerbread, usually in the shape of snowflakes.  I cannot make them in little people shapes because I always think of Hansel and Gretel.

This year I tried the Moravian Spice cookie recipe for the snowflakes instead of my standard.  Big disappointment were the spice cookies.  The dough was tough and hard and I got a cardio workout trying to roll the suckers.  I usually fall on the side of if you can make your cutouts thinner, please do, they taste better, but after a while, I plum gave up with these.  Thankfully royal icing covers a lot of frustration and they turned out pretty, again decorated by the crew.

Check out The 12 Days of Christmas Cookies on Flickr and add your own pictures of your Christmas cookies!

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