No French hens (but I have always wondered what a French hen looks like),

#3: Lemon tartlets


I always make some kind of tartlet cookie.  The past couple of years, I have made chocolate caramel tartlets which are super tasty but they really need to be cold or the caramel goes all over the rest of the cookies which isn’t very helpful.

For 2 summers in college my Mom and Aunt (the same one we made cookies with) and I baked our fingers off for the Farmer’s Market.  I made literally hundreds of pounds of my pita bread while my Aunt made cakes and pies and Mom made pretty cookies.  The lemon tartlets were one that developed a following…which was perhaps unfortunate for the baker.  They are time consuming and often frustrating to make because the crusts can and do stick in the tartlet pans, even if they are “nonstick” pans.  Thankfully a couple of years ago, I bought Sweet Miniatures by the Queen of all wee desserts, Flo Braker (this book was out of print for a while until some GENIUS at the publishing house decided that that was kind of silly).  In this book, she has a recipe for tartlet shells that absolutely do NOT stick in the pans–and you don’t even have to grease the things.  This saves so much time and frustration that it’s almost unbelievable.

These ones are like your typical lemon bar, just in miniature format.

Dude, I’m on SewMamaSew.  I feel so honored.  Go check it out!

Also check out The 12 Days of Christmas (Cookies) group on Flickr and feel free to add your own fantastical cookie pictures.

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